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Tuesday 20th April, 2021 #

  • Watch the first footage of a helicopter on Mars
  • The Endless Acid Banger - Algorithmic self-composing acid techno music
  • minimaxir/hacker-news-undocumented - Some of the hidden norms about Hacker News not otherwise covered in the Guidelines and the FAQ
  • PiDP-11 is a modern replica of Digital Equipment Corporation’s influential PDP-11 minicomputer - I remember reading much about these ancient and very large pieces of kit in Steven Levy’s classic book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, which goes into details about the culture and ethics of the hacker community from the 1970s onwards, it’s awesome that you can now have your own PDP-11 on a Raspberry Pi, what a great accompaniment to the book
  • Reddit Talk is the latest to jump on the Clubhouse train - Hopefully it will be better than their support department