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Friday 19th March, 2021 #

  • Apple warns Chinese apps not to dodge its new privacy rules
  • Justin Colaninno from the Github Policy team weighs in on the recent trend of open source projects changing their license because of new realities of cloud infrastructure - “the Open source-licensed projects with a non-profit home, neutral trademark ownership, and multiple significant contributors are less likely to face pressures to relicense” - It’s a good observation, but how many non-profit style open source projects actually exist and how do we create more of those?
  • John Gruber on the latest Intel ad campaign - “Intel is in trouble. For Intel to be Intel they need to be leading the industry. The best fabs, the fastest chips. Right now they can’t credibly argue that they’re the best at anything” - I’ve been enjoying reading his exploration and trips down various memory lanes on his blog, great content, though a bit difficult to follow, feels very much like a blog version of a Twitter thread, only there isn’t an actual ‘thread’ to link to
  • WP Engine Goes ‘Headless,’ Jumps into the Jamstack - Interesting to see managed Wordpress providers building jamstack friendly products, there is clearly value in combining static and database backed sites, I think the tricky part is that both solutions want to store the content in different ways, which makes collaborating on content a challenge
  • Are you using promises and async / await safely in Node.js? - Though async/await is now the preferred way to execute asynchronous code, there are still some gotchas in a few situations that are worth knowing about
  • YouTube Shorts arrives in the US to take on TikTok - Big news considering YouTube’s position in the video space, the article gives a good rundown of the major forces at play, good news for creators even if the initial version is lacking some features