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Sunday 14th March, 2021 #

  • 🚀 Some YouTubers are building their own infrastructure, is this the path of the future?
  • The NFT Craze Offers Easy Money - And Hard Copyright Questions - There are already examples occurring where 3rd parties are minting NFTs from artists content without their knowledge, I’m surprised that these NFTs are even valuable, I would have thought the artist would have to at least publicly mention creating the NFTs, like on their blog for example, before they would be sellable
  • Chris Messina originator of the Twitter hashtag concept, had an interesting thread about NFTs and ownership
  • Vitalik escalates ETH 2.0 merge as miners plan a 51% attack - I guess etherium isn’t a democracy, does it even make sense to think of it in that way?
  • Why we pay writers - Hamish McKenzie of Substack outlines the thinking behind Substack Pro, they are betting that writers are going to be creating the media businesses of the future
  • ECMAScript 2021 - the final feature set