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Sunday 7th March, 2021 #

  • Seth Godin isn’t so into NFTs - “The trap, then, is that creators can get hooked on creating these. Buyers with a sunk cost get hooked on making the prices go up, unable to walk away. And so creators and buyers are then hooked in a cycle, with all of us up paying the lifetime of costs associated with an unregulated system that consumes vast amounts of precious energy for no other purpose than to create some scarce digital tokens” - I think the being hooked in a cycle part is going to be the same for any type of collectible, and maybe any type of value based system, but the energy consumption is definitely an issue
  • Daily Overview - Skyscrapers peeking through the clouds over Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Looks like it’s another synchronicity day for me...flying into a desert city is quite an experience, the views from the plane are simply amazing, I flew into Abu Dhabi a number of years ago for a project setting up some file ingest infra and workflows for the new Media City broadcast centre there, really enjoyed it, lovely people, music, food and culture, completely different in so many ways to what I had experienced until then, I remember watching a space shuttle launch on the TV, not sure it might have been a SpaceX mission, and we had just started working on a product called Media Shuttle, it was insanely hot, lots of folks wearing aviator sun glasses, lots of pickup trucks
  • 🚀 New Recommendation from Mike Nash - I worked with Mike while at Signiant where he was Solutions Architect, and Product Manager / Product Owner
  • Another day lookibg for projects on - شركة الجبل انترناشيونال للاستيراد والتصدير والتصنيع وتجارة المعدات الثقيلة والاستثمارات $500.00 – 1,000,000,000.00 USD /hr BIDDING ENDS IN 6 DAYS, 23 HOURS
  • initial Public Offering (IPO) - “Initial public offerings can be used to raise new equity capital for companies, to monetize the investments of private shareholders such as company founders or private equity investors, and to enable easy trading of existing holdings or future capital raising by becoming publicly traded”
  • Coinbase is going public - They are the biggest crypto exchange worldwide, valued at $100 billion, could be the largest market entrance since Facebook in 2012 - Until reading this article it hadn’t clicked for me that the whole purpose of going public is to raise capital, similar to raising seed funding, shows how much I know about building companies, but also it’s a sign that the information available about how the process of building companies is scattered and confusing
  • Jack Dorsey is so money - What Tidal and banking do for Square - I’m wondering how platformey they are going to take this, wouldn’t it be kind of neat if they had a menu of web services like AWS and GCP but centred around building infra for creator businesses?
  • Jack Dorsey - Bids reach $2.5m for Twitter co-founder's first post