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Friday 5th March, 2021 #

  • Om Malik on Square acquiring Tidal - “The official argument is that musicians, as entrepreneurs that are essentially operating small businesses, need a newer (and digital) way to monetize their work and audiences”
  • Jack Dorsey's Square is buying a majority stake in Jay-Z's music-streaming platform Tidal for nearly $300 million - This is hitting the headlines in a big way, lots of rumours about a possible play in the NFT space
  • HTTPWTF - The article covers some of the interesting, cool and occasionally weird corners of the HTTP protocol, also the httptoolkit web development tool hosted on the website looks to be quite useful, enabling you to view, intercept and modify requests, open-source with several paid for extended functionality
  • is back from the dead - and now there are two - I hadn’t heard about them until now, seems like it could be an interesting and unconventional story
  • Is Substack the panacea local news is looking for? - Does a nice job of describing the changes happening in the news industry as journalists realise they can start their own hyper local digital publications, I think it’s healthy for people to be able to start their own businesses irrespective of the industry
  • Trump Can Return to YouTube Once ‘Risk of Violence’ Decreases, CEO Susan Wojcicki Says
  • Ethereum now an option on Amazon’s managed blockchain service
  • Google Chrome moves their release cycle from 6 to 4 weeks