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Monday 1st March, 2021 #

  • ☹️ Reddit: Organized Lightning - Hoping to read this later, too exhausted at the minute, I have mixed feelings about Reddit as some of you know, they were very central for most of my early web years, and I really gravitated towards their approach, I never had an account, only reading threads, so it’s made me really sad that when I finally created an account, that it’s broken, but it’s worse than broken, because everyone thinks I’ve been shadow banned, even though I haven’t, and the support team just don’t answer my emails, so much for “one of us”, turns out I never was, so seeing them valued at $6 billion, I’m happy for them because it’s Reddit! But it’s not the Reddit I thought it was, and maybe it never was that Reddit all along - I opened yet another support ticket with their support team earlier today, got the customary auto-reply, just waiting for the next email from them, hopefully from an actual human, just wanted to make a note of that here
  • A dev that is a year into learning web development was asking for some advice on what project to tackle next - I’m not sure if it’s the best advice in the world but it’s what came to mind
  • Will being a 'curator' become a job title to aspire to?
  • The Mars Helicopter is Online and Getting Ready to Fly - It’s wild that we’re about to get a sort of Google street view of the surface of the planet Mars, it will be taken by an small autonomous helicopter that we landed a few days ago, consider that the Martian atmosphere is 1% of that of Earth’s, the blades reportedly rotate at 40 revs / second!
  • I’ve been asking some questions about NFTs on Indie Hackers, mostly around ownership and copyright to try and figure out the mechanics behind these trendy financial instruments