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Tuesday 9th February, 2021 #

  • A beginner’s guide to NFTs - Non fungible tokens are used in the crypto blockchain world as an ownership proof for digital assets, and they can be traded in a Myriad of different ways including as part of automated transactions, they are the basis for a lot of the crazy discussions on the most recent Coin Talk Podcast that I included in last week’s newsletter - This article is a good intro and has some interesting examples that use NFTs to trade digital art pieces
  • ☹️ Reddit’s Valuation Doubles to $6 Billion After Funding Round - Reddit is a bot infested dumpster maskerading as a social media website, my account is still foobared, Reddit admins still won’t acknowledge that I even exist
  • Mark Cuban is co-founding a podcast app where hosts can talk to fans live and monetize their conversations - This story has it all, including podcasting, Cuban, Clubhouse, controversy, AI, stealth mode, billion, Twitter Spaces, Elon Musk, Spotify, Obama, Rogan and much more; in fact as far as I can tell, about the only thing that it appears not to have is crypto/bitcoin/blockchain
  • Blog with Markdown + Git, and degrade gracefully through time - Nice title, but also the topic covered is something people don’t often consider, but it’s very true, having your personal website accessible in a format that is robust for the long haul is super important
  • Twitter considering subscription fees to ensure 'revenue durability'