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Sunday 31st January, 2021 #

  • pforret/progressbar - Easy, clever progress bar for (bash) scripts - This could be really useful for making install scripts that have nicely formatted progress bars, just add the command at the end of a pipeline
  • List of newsletter directories - These are directories where people discover newsletters, so if like me, you have a newsletter, it’s worth adding it to these
  • Practical Aspect Oriented Programming in JavaScript - I’m always interested in learning a bit about different coding paradigms, this one caught my attention because it has lots of similarity with how the Express middleware (IMO one of the best features) are implemented
  • Where should I run my stuff? - A neat diagram that explains when to use each Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product, it’s a great diagram but it sort of feels like things are getting quite complex these days
  • Top Facebook System Design Interview Questions (Part 2) - Interesting design challenges, I’m hoping to find time to watch these videos later
  • A Look at the Top Questions for a System Design Interview at Facebook
  • Cory Doctorow - IP - A detailed look at the current state of intellectual property, onboards by looking at the history of free software and the GPL, then looks at the importance of interoperability as it enables self-determination, citing modern examples such as Facebook and Google, and broadens the picture to talk more generally about copyrights, trademarks and patents (all of which fall under the IP umbrella), in the context of author and entertainment monopolies - Overall, paints a generally coherent picture of a very complicated area, and is clearly the product of many years of being immersed in the field, I feel like I will need to re-read this piece a few times for the core dynamics to settle in my mind - The standout quote which is a good pillar to explore from: “IP is any law that I can invoke that allows me to control the conduct of my competitors, critics, and customers”