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Saturday 30th January, 2021 #

  • 🚀 Latest Newsletter: Mark Smith’s Newsletter - Saturday 30th January, 2021
  • Facebook reportedly plans newsletter tools after explosion in popularity
  • Accessing Eleventy Data on the Client Side - Shows how to pre-render some JSON during the build which you can then fetch from the client
  • 3 Ways to Render Server-Side Components with Eleventy
  • Netlify Edge Handlers - Short tutorial on how to use Netlify’s new edge handlers, which enable you to fetch dynamic data right before returning the static page to the user, and add that data to the page, the great thing is that because it happens at the CDN edge, if it’s done right, it can be very efficient since it’s using the very fast CDN internet connection and servers to get and process the data, rather than the users connection and machine which is likely to be much slower
  • Docusaurus 2020 Recap - Very popular framework for building statically generated documentation sites, this article looks at the latest features in v2, recent relevant published media, the community and future plans
  • How to Host a Static Website on AWS with HTTPS and CI/CD - Amazon can seem a bit complex now that there are so many services, so it’s good to read a tutorial focusing on the basics, one feature that would be great to add would be branch previews similar to Netlify