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Wednesday 27th January, 2021 #

  • Notes on Da Lat – The cool mountain city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam - Great photowalk by James Clark of a wonderful place I’ve been to before, he has one of those popups on his website, the RSS feed version doesn’t, lots of nice photos, and James’ classic laid back travel writing style
  • Reddit’s GameStop traders turn their attention to AMC stock - I’m mostly posting this because of the film industry connection, not sure what to make of it currently, seems like it’s going to be quite a big story, I don’t currently have an opinion aside from trepidation because of my recent ☹️ Reddit experiences with my account, feels a bit mobish
  • Cloud Native Series - An Introduction to the Cloud Native Landscape
  • Hank Aaron tribute - Interactive timeline of the Top-10 Career Home Run leaders since the beginning of the Modern Era - I heard about Hank Aaron’s passing a few days ago, but I don’t watch baseball anymore, so it was like watching a ship very far out at sea, but this timeline really reminds me of all my years playing baseball in my youth, collecting baseball cards, chewing 6ft rolls of gum, eating hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza, drinking Mountain Dew, and playing baseball console games, those were fun times - and wow Babe Ruth really was way ahead of his time
  • Substack vs. Revue - Comprehensive feature comparison from a group that know a lot about newsletters
  • Matt Mullenweg on Twitter buying Revue - “I’m a huge fan of the idea of better newsletters and Automattic was the largest investor in Revue”
  • SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Amazon’s Project Kuiper stir up a war of words over satellites
  • Shipping Jamstack like a hero - beware, it's cool - Run-through of how to setup a self-hosted Meli environment, it’s based on the Caddy server, that gets you a very similar environment to Netlify, with Github integration and deploy previews, the only major thing missing is simple serverless functions
  • Optimising serverless for BBC Online - Interesting writeup of a serverless architecture that is clearly offering many advantages at the BBC, including cost benefits, massive scaling capacity, very detailed request tracing for improved debugging, developer workflows that enable separate testing environments per pull request, and easy rollback in case of failure
  • How to Setup Your M1 MacBook for Web Development - Has a script to install a basic dev environment, for something a bit more comprehensive check out my dotfiles Github repo
  • Monorepo - Chris Coyier explains why his small team have moved back towards a monorepo from lots of smaller repos deployed as serverless functions, personally I’ve tended to have one repo for the website and one for the api in the past which has worked pretty well, I really like one of his monorepo advantages he’s called “growing old together”, there’s something kind of magical about that description
  • The Teeniest Tiniest Laptop In The West - “The GPD P2 Max is a hyper-powered cross between a palm pilot and an ultrabook”
  • leahneukirchen/nq - Unix command line queue utility
  • Twitter acquiring newsletter publishing company Revue - Interesting to see Twitter get into long form content and especially newsletters, I’m looking forward to see their product, it would be very cool if they had an API, Markdown support and automation tools