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Friday 1st January, 2021 #

  • Cloudflare Introduces a Way to Build and Host Jamstack Sites with Cloudflare Pages - Short and to the point review of Cloudflare’s new Jamstack offering, 500 free builds per month, and integration with Cloudflare Workers with Key-Value Store, I’m wondering if there is a way to deploy from Github Actions, looks pretty cool
  • Top 7 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021 - I haven’t seen very many 2021 prediction blog posts centred on web development so far, this one lists several of the trends that seem likely to make an impact, but the reasoning and analysis is a bit underwhelming
  • A Guide to Securing Node.js Applications - Great roundup of the most effective security best practices for backend NodeJS development, I’ve used most of these techniques and libraries at some stage
  • An Introvert's Personal Guide to Tech Twitter - I don’t currently do a lot of “interacting” on Twitter, though I do read it occasionally, I found it way too distracting, so I mostly just post links and give out hearts these days, I liked this blog post though