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Wednesday 30th December, 2020 #

  • More challenging projects every programmer should try - A list of interesting projects to try, with descriptions of what the minimal apps would be like, and suggestions as to what features could be added - I found it super interesting to learn about the different shapes of apps, I am mostly familiar with building web client/server and cli tools, so things like games engines, text editors, compilers, mini operating systems and video game emulators were completely unknown to me, but also the key value store and stock trading apps sound like a lot of fun to built, the article does a really great job of describing all these projects
  • alex/what-happens-when - An attempt to answer the age old interview question "What happens when you type into your browser and press enter?"
  • CandyMail makes it easy to trigger and send multi-step email sequences in Node.js using a single JSON file
  • Why I Use Web Components - Looks at the main reasons to use web components, namely reusability, robustness, stability, for code that will still function long into the future and increase in performance as the platform is optimised
  • Google Maps' Moat is Evaporating - Interesting piece looking at the online maps space, some quality analysis of a sector composed of some of the biggest tech companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook) and that is seeing a lot of movement between competing approaches, notably the rise of OpenStreetMap
  • Apple patents ‘reconfigurable’ Mac keyboard with small display for each key
  • Google Short Videos Carousel Displays TikTok & Instagram Videos - I’m not seeing this in my search results yet
  • Css Tricks Design v18 - I love that Chris Coyier redesigns his website so often, it’s very on-brand, but also his writeups are great and the sites are proof you can have both fun design and a good reading experience