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Monday 28th December, 2020 #

  • 56 Online Communities for Entrepreneurs
  • A rundown of the main items from the Brexit deal, not so great for UK broadcasters and video-on-demand companies
  • Bash HTTP monitoring dashboard - Simple bash script that monitors many sites in parallel using curl and generates a static site that displays the results
  • What AlphaGo Can Teach Us About How People Learn - I know that AI is super trendy at the minute, and sure it's sort of interesting, but personally I like building websites and workflows
  • Systems design explains the world - volume 1 - Well worth the time to read this article if you do any type of programming, covers the basics of what systems design actually is then examines 3 classes of system design problems: chicken-egg, second-system effect and innovators dilemma - Lots of great real world examples and very well written, a pleasant read on a marvellous text focussed website
  • We rendered a million web pages to find out what makes the web slow - lots of interesting data and correlations, the standout bit of information for me was that JQuery is still on 40% of websites, React/Angular/Vue only on ~0.9% of websites