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Sunday 27th December, 2020 #

  • A Short History of Capitalism
  • Create Reusable Web Components in HTML
  • Dave Rupert reviews his 2020 - A lot of accomplishments (80 books, wow) despite the difficulties, I’m looking forward to see where his involvement with web components will lead in 2021
  • chilts/mongodb-queue - Message queues which uses MongoDB - Simple and straight forward interface, I successfully used these queues for managing backend processes in some of my past projects
  • Redis, Kafka or RabbitMQ - Which MicroServices Message Broker To Choose? - Short and to the point article that highlights some of the main considerations, I thought it’s worth mentioning that I’ve also had success creating MongoDB backed queues for smaller applications
  • Kit FUI - User interfaces from film, television, video games and the designers that created them
  • European tech accuses US of using sanctions to shut it out of China