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Thursday 17th December, 2020 #

  • Facebook Wades Into ‘Fortnite’ Maker’s Dispute With Apple - Things are really heating up between big tech companies, this article does a good job of presenting the facts without too much commentary, it’s a complicated situation where some companies want to modify users behaviour to make money, now an increasing amount of users want to modify *their* behaviour, which looks much like a circular reference bug (to me at lest!), I hope we can somehow avoid an arms race to the bottom, I think the big picture is that we need a world wide web that is a pleasant experience, imho consent form popups plastered everywhere are not that, but also, modifying users behaviour to the point where you are tricking them, that's not ok either
  • Manual steps in parallel groups available for Pipelines - This new Bitbucket feature for their automation product is interesting, makes it possible to have manual steps mid way through a workflow, where you have to click a button for the workflow to proceed
  • Next.js CI / CD on AWS with GitHub Actions
  • Twitter is returning retweets to the way they used to be - They are removing the automatic quote tweet prompt
  • Facebook is creating a Cameo-like tool that lets you interact with celebs - It’s a video streaming app reportedly called Super, with interactive tools like tipping and digital gifts, ability to sell products, sounds cool, I like the name too
  • Firefox Version 84.0 - Runs natively on Apple silicon M1 chips with 2.5 times faster startup time and web apps are twice as responsive; and accelerated rendering pipeline for Linux/GNOME/X11
  • Tech Giants Face New Rules in Europe, Backed by Huge Fines - Two major new bills that focus on illegal content and anti-competitive behaviour