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Wednesday 16th December, 2020 #

  • Minimal safe Bash script template - Some useful bash techniques presented in this writeup
  • 🚀 Updated Portfolio - I’ve added a bunch of web development, workflow automation and devops projects from previous work and personal open source projects
  • How to generate content ideas for your next blog post - I mostly use my linkblog to generate blog ideas from articles I find online, but there are specialist marketing tools available that look interesting if you are trying to grow your site
  • AWS shifts focus to removing system complexity and observability - They want to focus less on developers and more on operators, more “systems thinking”
  • Some big US tech firms are moving UK user data to US jurisdictions to avoid EU regulations - Controversial however might have the benefit of getting rid of the censorship consent forms that are plastered everywhere
  • Google acquires CloudReady OS that turns old PCs into Chromebooks w/ plans to make official offering
  • Microsoft unveils new native M1 support for many it it’s Microsoft 365 for Mac apps, including One Note, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook - They have all been rebuilt to be Universal apps, working on multiple architectures