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Tuesday 15th December, 2020 #

  • 🚀 Portfolio - I’ve added a portfolio page to the blog that has a selection of some of the web development, workflow/automation solutions and devops projects I have worked on over the years
  • mdn/content - The content behind MDN Web Docs
  • Mozilla MDN Docs are going full Jamstack - Re-linking to my piece about the new collaboration Jamstack workflows that are being created for content sites, I think this is a really exiting area of web development at the present moment
  • MDN on GitHub - Interesting to see Chris Coyier comment on the recent move of MDN Docs to a Jamstack + Github architecture, he runs css-tricks which is another huge web development docs site
  • When to use SQL vs. NoSQL - Good high level overview of the major considerations, many folks end up using a bit of both, I think this is an interesting area, I’d like to see more real world examples where both types of are being used because I would expect there are some common patterns that emerge, the landscape is vast from small to large companies, different industries, different phases of development, and various business models
  • FTC orders Amazon, TikTok owner ByteDance, Discord, Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp, Reddit, Snap, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube to explain how they collect and use personal data
  • Mozilla launches campaign in support of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 privacy features
  • Protocol Source Code Podcast - Why video might be the biggest thing since the internet - Interview with Phil Libin who has held CEO positions at Evernote, All Turtles and most recently mmhmm, he believes we are entering completely new territory in the way we use video online, with new ways of collaborating, an increase in asynchronous communication, the rise of new platforms and a hybrid physical/digital future, I found his vision and perspective enlightening
  • Amazon Zoox unveils self-driving robotaxi - Looks pretty cool, with carriage style seats that face each other, no driver and can reach speeds of up to 75mph