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Sunday 13th December, 2020 #

  • 🚀 New Post: Choosing your web development stack - There are lots of considerations when choosing a stack, this article will give you a broad view about web development so you can hopefully make some good choices
  • Buy Don't Build - The author explores the landscape of buy vs build in detail, lots of good for thought, the arguments for building are generally much stronger when it’s a solution that solves something that is core to the business - I’m linking to the HN thread because there are some interesting comments about how vendor pricing models can effect growth in ways that aren’t immediately obvious
  • A few ways to make money in FOSS - Reviews some tried and tested business models, some sane business advice and a few lead generation techniques
  • Become shell literate - Concise and well written piece about why knowing how to use the shell can be extremely productive, with some neat pipeline examples to illustrate - As a side note, what a fantastically readable minimalist text based website