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Sunday 6th December, 2020 #

  • Ride Home Podcast (Weekend Bonus Episode) - Peter Kafka on Media, Hollywood, Substack and TikTok - Covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time including Warner streaming everything on HBO Max, local news is dying, the NYT is the journalism big cheese, Substack scepticism, the some stuff you care about economy and podcast interview styles
  • How Microsoft crushed Slack - Worth the read, good bit of analysis, the thing that’s on my mind these days, which believe it or not is related, is who pays for the recruitment process?
  • The linkblog is also experiencing the same Internet Archive issue as the blog, no snapshots showing since the beginning of the month
  • The Internet Archive is wonderful when it works, but none of my snapshots are showing up since the beginning of the month, and according to the logs in my Github Action that runs daily, they are being saved correctly
  • On Trusting Macintosh Hardware - Wirth a read, I’ve ran into very serious problems rebuilding macs in the past, this is definitely an area they need to improve in a very very big way
  • Stripe - Platform of Platforms - Ben Thompson goes into an awful lot of detail about Stripe!s future plans, really nice diagrams, I like Stipe!s APIs and the vision sounds cool, but I’ve been burned by them before changing things just when I couldn’t afford things to be changed, the other thing I know from experience is that it takes 10 days for money to clear whereas it takes 2-3 days with competing products, that’s just embarrassing, I could loose a client over such a long delay