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Wednesday 2nd December, 2020 #

  • John Gruber sees a way that the Salesforce - Slack deal could be great for users
  • New for AWS Lambda – 1ms Billing Granularity Adds Cost Savings
  • Amazon to roll out tools to monitor factory workers and machines - Apparently there are a lot of places in manufacturing that remain to be digitised using sensors, their new tool called Monitron was launched by Anazon's cloud arm AWS
  • Amazon unveils 5 new EC2 instance types, the most interesting being the Amazon-made Graviton2 powered instances for compute heavy applications which uses the ARM chip architecture, can deliver a whopping 100 Gbps network speeds at 40% price performance over existing Intel x86 chip architectures - Lots of movement in the chip architecture space at the minute
  • Salesforce buys Slack for $37.5 billion - The close date for this deal is still quite a way off but assuming it goes through, it’s a massive deal, not sure if it’s related but I have noticed a rise in job postings asking for Salesforce developers in the past week