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Tuesday 1st December, 2020 #

  • 🚀 Mark Smith’s Patreon is creating curated javascript, tech and web development links from the web - I’ve updated my patreon page, it now lists all the things you get, it’s a pay what you want model, I also list other ways you can contribute, any contribution would be hugely appreciated
  • Developer Hector Martin announces Patreon funding for bringing native Linux to M1 Macs - Interesting to read his patreon page showing the various tiers, looks like it will be a cool project to follow, how great it would be to have a project with such community support
  • Facebook to pay UK news publishers millions to license stories for it’s news tab
  • Why AWS is bringing Apple’s MacOS to its cloud - It’s for developers to run their test environments
  • The eleventy starter site I built is merged (yay!) but for some reason it’s not showing on the starters page yet :(
  • Google’s DeepMind solves the protein folding problem - “AlphaFold 2 can now identify a protein’s three-dimensional structures from its amino-acid sequence to the width of an atom”