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Monday 30th November, 2020 #

  • Remi Sharp writes about Heydon Pickering’s “Please disable JavaScript to view this site” redesign - I had seen Heydon’s site earlier in the week but didn’t spend much time thinking about it, now I can see there are a lot of ideas worth pausing to consider, should browser javascript default to being on? Should web browsers make it easier to turn javascript on/off? Would we even need consent forms if browsers had better tools for seeing what a website is doing under the hood?
  • 🚀 eleventy-agile-blog just got merged into 11ty/11ty-website! :)
  • Vimawesome - Awesome vim plugins from across the universe
  • 🚀 New Post: What it’s like working for an enterprise software startup - Following on from my post last week about working in the vfx industry, I wrote a similar piece about working for an enterprise software startup
  • The apps keeping Rio’s residents safe from stray bullets
  • Chris Coyier is intrigued by Substack, but not convinced that people will make a living from writing on it
  • About the Rosetta translation environment - tldr; It’s a translation layer, not emulation layer
  • Would you be willing to fund a Linux port to Apple Silicon?