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Friday 27th November, 2020 #

  • Software Engineering Podcast - Cruise: Self-Driving Engineering with Mo Elshenawy - I’m not massively interested in self driving cars, but I found this podcast fascinating - The navigation and computer vision domain is very unique and new, and they have considered many aspects at a very deep level including how to construct teams and processes, how to compose the overall organisation structure to maximise collaboration across units, as well as the product architecture, next level CI/CD, and the advantages of multi-cloud serverless deployments
  • How Community Prevailed at Python’s Virtual Core Development Sprint - Some uplifting community news, nice to hear their new governance model is working well, I sort of miss writing Python, it’s a nice language, looks like they have some good foundations built
  • 🚀 New Post: Announcing my new Custom Training Service
  • Advice for newsletter-ers - The author makes the case that newsletters should be structured into seasons, which sounds a bit strange at first but he does make quite a compelling argument, I guess my newsletter technically would be right in the middle of season 1 right now