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Tuesday 24th November, 2020 #

  • 🚀 New Post: What it’s like working in tech in the visual effects industry - I took a small trip down memory lane and wrote a piece that gets into some of the tech but also the general vibe of being a techy in vfx
  • Upptime - the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub Actions and Issues - Checks your site is up, creates a Github issue if it isn’t, which you can use to create an incident report, also graphs daily average response time
  • Media Session API - This new web platform API looks interesting, I’m wondering if it could be used to power a podcast player remote control, I had one on my old sharp mini disk player back in the 90s, it was so great
  • Safari 14 Released - Safari Web extensions, webpage translation, performance improvements, website privacy reports, website login via Touch ID and Face ID, image and video WebP support, Picture-in-Picture support on iPhone, support for high-dynamic range (HDR) video playback, several new javascript features (BigInt, logical assignment operators, optional chaining operator, custom EventTarget instances), web inspector debug and resources tabs combined and several cool sources tab capabilities