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Friday 20th November, 2020 #

  • 20000 Hz Podcast - Space Audity - Another amazing journey into sound, this time it’s all about space, every single one of the 20k podcasts is a master piece
  • What Is The Best Day To Publish An Email Newsletter? - I’m trying to decide which day to publish my newsletter, currently I’m feeling that Saturday morning would be good because then I can include links from the week gone by, and also it’s a nice way for me to delineate to myself that the weekend has started
  • 🚀 New Post: My policy on job interviews
  • Writing a technical book - from idea to print - Great author writeup of the whole process of writing an Oreilly programming book
  • The state of the AWK - This systems level tool and text processing language has been around for around 40 years and it’s still used heavily in processing big data - “AWK reads the input a line at a time. A line is scanned for each pattern in the program, and for each pattern that matches, the associated action is executed”
  • isomorphic-git/isomorphic-git - A pure JavaScript implementation of git for node and browsers! - Looks like a pretty amazing library, I can think of a lot of use cases where it would come in handy
  • 🚀 IH Post: New Trends in Web Development - The Jamstack