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Wednesday 18th November, 2020 #

  • Playing on Hard Mode - Some interesting analysis from Ben Thompson comparing the relative difficulty level of the ascent of Facebook, Airbnb and Doordash
  • What is your go-to place for looking for remote developer jobs?
  • Ep. #67, JAMstack Handbook with Colby Fayock of Element 84 - A movement isn’t really in motion until there’s a handbook
  • 🚀 I’ve just re-organised the tags on my blog so it’s easier to find articles
  • 🚀 Mark Smith’s Newsletter - “Javascript, tech and developer links from around the web” - I’ve started a newsletter where I will share a selection of the links that I post on my long running linkblog, just a few clicks to subscribe :)
  • My Shortish M1-based MacBook Pro 13-inch review
  • Is it time to SoC the CPU? - Some good comparison details of the new Mac M1 chip architecture vs Intel chips architectures