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Tuesday 17th November, 2020 #

  • Static Site Generator Gatsby recently introduced an incremental builds feature where only the content you modify gets rendered rather than re-rendering the entire site - I wouldn’t be surprised if Wordpress introduced a similar feature in the near future, if that happens Jamstack adoption will dramatically increase
  • Does Serverless WordPress Make Sense? Shifter vs HardyPress - Turns out there are several serverless / jamstack solutions for Wordpress, this article does a good job of covering all the pros and cons, there are some cases where it doesn’t make that much sense but there are other situations where it totally makes a lot of sense, and you can always mix and match quite easily by running different pieces on different domains or subdomains
  • nelsontky/gh-pages-url-shortener - Minimal URL shortener that can be entirely hosted on GitHub pages - It uses the repos Issues page as a database, storing the url in the title, a bit hacky but also kind of cool
  • Introducing the Apple Podcasts Web Embed - Makes it really easy to add a show player directly on your website