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Sunday 8th November, 2020 #

  • Stack Videos Horizontally, Vertically, in a Grid With FFmpeg - Lot’s of ffmpeg in the news since their recent wasm release which runs in the browser, this cli tutorial gives an idea of the types of things you can do with the tool
  • Older Android Phones Will Be Cut Off From a Large Chunk of the Web in 2021 - The Letsencrypt root certs are changing, and they are used by a very large portion of the web’s websites - Affects all android versions pre-7.1.1 Nougat which is 1/3 of Android users, the only workaround, and it’s only a partial workaround is to install Firefox because it has it’s own certificate store (that’s interesting, I didn’t know that) which has the new Letsencrypt root cert
  • Perl One-liner Cookbook - Though you don’t hear much about Perl these days as a programming language, it’s still very good at processing text similar to sed/awk/grep but more powerful, very useful for automation purposes, this chapter covers the basics of using perl to execute one liners
  • Apple defends Xbox streaming block on iPhones