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Friday 6th November, 2020 #

  • Why we are building a CLI first PaaS without a web frontend - Makes some pretty convincing arguments, this is something I have been pondering recently too, cool to see someone actually doing it
  • Ask HN - What can replace my iPod for podcast listening? - Quite a lot of useful info about iPod modding and repair, I feel like there should be a specialist sturdy podcast listening device with super long battery life, WiFi, web interface, maybe also ethernet
  • Memory Life cycle, Heap, Stack and Call Stack in JavaScript - Some very useful knowledge about the javascript core
  • NodeBB / NodeBB - Node.js based forum software built for the modern web
  • AdminBro is an admin panel for apps written in node.js - Looks very useful, plus release 3.3 just out
  • next-10 - A repository to work collaboratively on the strategic directions for the next 10 years of Node.js (Building on the successful first 10)
  • How Node.js Is Addressing the Challenge of Ryan Dahl’s Deno
  • Node v15.1.0 Release - Quite a lot of new features including a generalised diagnostics channel, and new child process 'spawn' event
  • More People Dipping Toes Into Web Monetization - This sounds like it could be quite cool, I’d like to add some sort of monetization / sponsorship to the linkblog, something minimalist and unobtrusive, possibly even useful
  • Converting the Vue.js markdown editor demo to vanilla JS - Looks like the author might be starting a series of these vanilla javascript minimal apps, great idea for a series
  • I went out for a late night stroll just before midnight because the internet went down, someone had placed 2 yellow flower heads just outside the neighbours house on our very clean street, some people are so thoughtful, it really brightens up the place