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Monday 2nd November, 2020 #

  • JAMstack WTF - Single page website that highlights the essential concepts of jamstack website architectures and includes links to lots of resources
  • Elsa is a minimal, fast and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript written in Go - Interesting to see another implementation, this one uses QuickJS rather than v8 as the javascript engine, it’s not as fast as v8 but it has a faster startup time so there are some scenarios where it could be beneficial
  • Modern-Day Architecture Design Patterns for Software Professionals - High level overview of some of the modern architectures available when building cloud / serverless applications
  • 🚀 New Post: Self-hosted web based tool to get tasks done efficiently
  • Google have released a new search product that you can use on your site called Programmable Search
  • MDN Web Docs evolves! - the folks at Mozilla are going Jamstack + GitHub for their new MDN docs content contribution workflows, great writeup of the planned architecture, this is definitely an interesting space to keep an eye on, it will be really cool to see the collaboration workflows they build