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Sunday 1st November, 2020 #

  • I’ve just been browsing through the Apple News app for the first time, first thing is that there is no linking to any articles across the web, which is for me a massive negative, however it’s immediately apparent one huge benefit, there are no annoying pop-ups / consent forms, none, zero, it’s quite something, after months stop/start/interuptions, it’s a bit like gliding on a cushion of air, also they’ve figured out that I like tech and there’s an entire tech section with lots of good content from a lot of the sites I read anyway, but no linking
  • Also I’ve updated the links on the podcasts page to be the file page in as I haven’t had time to create nice looking post pages yet, their file pages are actually kind of cool because you see a visual of the audio signal similar to on Soundcloud
  • I’ve added an “Listen on Apple Podcasts” image link below each day on the podcasts page so you can add the podcast in a just couple of clicks!
  • Cloudinary is famous for great image hosting, but it’s also really useful for simple things like resizing images
  • Apple Podcasts Identity Guidelines -These are the docs you need if you are adding one of the Apple podcasts icons to your website
  • Apple One now available, bundling Apple’s services into a single subscription
  • 10 Useful Vanilla Javascript Plugins 2021
  • Is the pain worth the gain? Writing webapps in C - Benchmarks Facil vs Flask vs Nodejs