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Thursday 30th July, 2020 #

  • It felt like a good time to drop in on Richard Stallman’s political notes, this one is is about a Treaty Against Space Weapons, important stuff - Side note I really like his notes but I wish there was an RSS feed that grouped all the posts into daily posts, the current firehose is too much, might be an interesting feature for an RSS reader to implement
  • A new funding model for open source software - Getting open source projects to a place where they are sustainable is important, though I wonder how such a direct approach like the one proposed here would distort the project environment as people flick to popular projects, I fear it would run the risk of making already strained environments more toxic
  • My monolith doesn't fit in your serverless - On the difficult choice developers have between serverless and monoliths
  • The Big Tech Hearing Proved Congress Isn't Messing Around