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Saturday 25th April, 2020 #

  • Steps to secure AWS Serverless - Lambda - Setting up your lambdas and associated resources can be a little complex, this article does a good job of clarifying the process with some illustrative architecture diagrams
  • How the Voyager Golden Records Work - Great podcast episode to listen to on a Saturday afternoon
  • “The title ‘Front-End Developer’ is obsolete.”
  • Shell productivity tips and tricks - Lots of handy shortcuts for making your shell sessions more like being in vi/emacs
  • JavaScript the Hard Parts - Asynchronous JavaScript - I found this video a few weeks ago while looking to refresh my knowledge on how the javascript event loop functions, I really recommend spending the time to watch it, Will Sentance CEO of CodeSmith and the classroom lecturer in the video, has a very entertaining and somewhat old school british style of teaching, with a perfect balance of humour, repetition over difficult parts, and light interaction with a live online audience, the whole thing has a sort of effortless, improv quality about it, while dissecting the difficult parts of javascript with precision and mastery - It takes a little while to get started, give it a chance and watch the whole thing when you are not in a hurry :)