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Saturday 26th February, 2022 #

  • πŸš€ Update to my poem: β€œThis poem will be the last that I ever write so as to try to avoid even more abuse than is currentky beibg inflicted upon me. Cruelty should not be encouraged. Cruelty in the world is very real, I am absokutely certain if that now.”
  • πŸš€ Latest Newsletter: Saturday 26th February, 2022 - Branding, marketing, the future of tech and cyberwar

Tuesday 10th August, 2021 #

  • Apple’s Mistake - Ben Thompson on the Apple CSAM fiasco - β€œApple is compromising the phone that you and I own and operate, without any of us having a say in the matter”
  • Shop Talk Show Ep #475 - Ben Hong’s Views on Vue, VuePress, Nuxt, Petite Vue, Shopify + Netlify, and Static Hosting - Linking to this because listening to a webdev podcast cheered me up a bit
  • I got my device charged again, but I had to position the power cable in the weirdest and most contorted way, every moment could be my last, I hate this situation

Monday 9th August, 2021 #

  • Apple’s New β€˜Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope - I’m down to 2% power now, haven’t had time to read this article, I always said the internet would be shutdown by people trying to β€˜protect’ children, looks like my final link is all about that, Goodbye World