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Friday 6th August, 2021 #

  • London Hard Fork on Ethereum Now Live - The changes are expected to make the crypto currency more stable
  • FSF-funded call for white papers on philosophical and legal questions around Copilot - I think this might be interesting to watch, especially if you are a developer, because it’s a serious effort to investigate the implications of using AI in software development tools, and they outline sone really interesting questions around freedom that arise with these new tools, all selected/published papers will receive $500
  • Can GitHub Copilot Crack a Facebook Coding Interview? - Has sone animated gifs showing Copilot in action, it certainly looks impressive, my first thought is that if everyone is using such tools, will they really know the codebase they are working on, won’t it just result in people having a very superficial understanding?
  • Power cable on the blink again, down to 10% battery, still nowhere open to buy a new cable