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Friday 18th June, 2021 #

  • TC39 Podcast - Interview with Tab Atkins-Bittner spec hacker for Google on the Chrome team - Not all podcasts need to be super well produced, and I like the lowfi production on these TC39 podcasts because you can easily concentrate on the in-depth javascript discussions, in this episode topics include similarities in how the different committees approach problem solving, writing specs, grid and flexbox, web components and the general componentisation of web development, shadow DOM, scoped styles, CSS modules, pattern matching and container queries
  • Another Podcast Podcast - Paying attention to Apple again - Benedict and Toni discuss all about what Apple is up to and what went down at WWDC
  • Lex Fridman Podcast Ep #190 - Jordan Ellenberg - Mathematics of High-Dimensional Shapes and Geometries - I was pretty into mathematics at school, and especially geometry, and I’ve found that recently I’ve been super interested in anything related to parallel dimensions, higher order dimensions etc, whether it’s grounded in science but also of the more esoteric kind, anyway there’s some interesting problem solving techniques discussed in this episode, it’s totally trippy in places, and it’s also tangentially related to programming and AI
  • Google backs Linux project to make Android, Chrome OS harder to hack - It’s a project to re-write parts if the kernel in Rust, could have a big impact not only in security but also on the culture which has until recently been dominated by the C programming language
  • Oculus is getting Facebook ads in VR - Here’s what they look like
  • A Visual Guide to NodeJS Streams
  • Introducing [email protected] - Has been in development fir a while now, aims to be the next generation of the NodeJS http library
  • Is Facebook cornering the VR market? - “Facebook will have literally reinvented itself for a new paradigm shift in computing by the time regulation gets around to addressing it in its current state”