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Wednesday 7th April, 2021 #

  • Coinbase Posts Blowout Q1 Profit of $730-$800 Million, Days Before Public Listing - I still haven’t heard back from their support team, it’s been 10 days now
  • Clubhouse Discusses Funding at About $4 Billion Value
  • Short discussion thread I had with author from yesterday’s link to the Web Browser Engineering book, centred around the possibility of a version of the book with the browser written in NodeJS, how awesome would that be? Hint: Very awesome :)
  • fselect - Find files with SQL-like queries
  • Google vs. Oracle: The ruling at the US Supreme Court - Quite a good summary of the case and what it means for software development and the software industry in general
  • Make your own Smarthome Server with NodeJS - Now I’m thinking what awesome homemade NodeJS clients could be built :)
  • It’s been 10 days since I opened a ticket with Coinbase support, I only so far received an automated email with my ticket number, I sent them an email today asking if they had read my support ticket, about an hour later I received a “How did we do email”, not so good, also I read in a recent article about their direct listing that they had a public conference call before the listing (unusual apparently) because things were quiet, yet on their support site there is a popup that says they are experiencing “an increase in inquiries” and “there may be a delay in responses from Coinbase Support”, that’s quite a lot of mixed messages, looked on the website but there is no way to find out the status of the ticket, emailed them again but no reply so far
  • Why does so much news about the European Union still come out of London, even post-Brexit? - It’s a difficult situation for sure, and as the article points out it’s awkward, but from a technical point of view it’s a tremendous opportunity to build some really ground breaking media production workflows, there is already lots happening in this space notably from the BBC, and much of it is written up publically and open source
  • 🚀 Re-post: How the BBC World Service migrated 31 million weekly readers to an isomorphic react app - Pretty great writeup from the engineering team about their migration from a PHP monolith, it’s cool that they are running server rendered React now, they do a lot of great work when it comes to accessibility since their sites are published in so many different languages and are optimised to run in a huge variety of network connectivity conditions, I’d like to know more about the backend the new system is using, something the article doesn’t cover, did they change backend language? They mention it’s running on cloud infra, but where? And are they using serverless?
  • 🚀 Re-post: bbc/simorgh - Github repository for the BBC's open source ReactJS single page application - Used across the BBC World Service News websites, with tens of millions of users, these are some of their biggest websites - It's written in javascript and runs in NodeJS!
  • 🚀 Re-post: GitHub Actions for custom content workflows
  • 🚀 Re-post: Mozilla MDN Docs are going full Jamstack
  • Why there really aren’t 2 million podcast series - The whole way through this article I was wondering about a specific statistic, then right at the end it mentions said statistic, then pulls a “you’ll have to wait for our next article”, needless to say that was a bit annoying, but there’s also some good info in there if you are into podcasts
  • Apple to unveil new AR/VR headset later this year - There are a variety of approaches that companies are using in their AR/VR, the Apple approach: “Pass video of the real world through the visor and display it to the user, offering a ‘mixed-reality effect.’”