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Thursday 1st April, 2021 #

  • How We Enable Airbnb Team Members to Code Like a Mobile Engineer - The two things that struck me from this great writeup, is how important mobile is becoming in modern development, but also, based on how amazingly well thought out the training program appears, how different working at a startup and a medium sized company is compared to working for a large established tech giant, it’s literally two different worlds
  • Source Code Podcast - Fixing the internet one browser at a time - Interview with Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker that I found really interesting because she has a wealth of experience in open source communities, has seen things develop from the early utopian web to today, and leads an organisation that is unique in its approach, and is adapting to the modern realities of the world wide web
  • The Deck We Used to Raise Our Seed - Great to see a real world example preparation needed for raising funding
  • Here's How I'm Fighting Cryptojacking and Doing Good Things with Content Security Policies - Great writeup from a security researcher that looks at an old domain that was previously used for cryptojacking, the author buys the domain, does some analysis of the traffic still hitting the site and shows why it’s a really good idea to set a CSP policy on your website, including adding a report-uri
  • Redefining what a map can be with new information and AI - The indoor navigation called LiveView looks pretty cool
  • Enjin raises nearly $19 million to build Polkadot-based blockchain for NFTs
  • Node.js Certifications and Training Sale + New Preview of Testing Environment
  • How to Develop Your Talent Stack - I like the mental model the author describes in this article, it’s simple, makes a lot of sense, and is achievable
  • Almost a fifth of Facebook employees are now working on VR and AR
  • Incremental Static Regeneration - Its Benefits and Its Flaws - Good to know what this is since you hear people talking about optimising static sites a lot, article does a good job describing it, tldr some rather big disadvantages - “A pretty big footgun that ultimately is confusing for users, and frustrating for developers”
  • Facebook is making it easier to turn off algorithmic ranking in your News Feed - You’re in control again, wow such features!