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Wednesday 3rd February, 2021 #

  • Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager vs Product Owner
  • Prisma Cloud Reinvents the Firewall for Cloud Native Security - I’m seeing more cloud native security solutions on my radar recently, I read the marketing copy and it sort of makes sense but there’s clearly a disconnect between the features described and how the technology is implemented, these new security softwares are implemented at the application level instead of the more conventional IP and port based firewalls, so they operate on higher level constructs like Kubernetes pods and clusters, it’s interesting technology but it still feels a little bit wishy washy
  • Google Cloud vs Amazon AWS - Two vastly different profit pictures
  • Uber buying booze delivery company Drizly for $1.1 billion - Of all the Uber delivery style companies that never even occurred to me, alcohol delivery has got to be the most obvious, wish I’d thought of that
  • Recent root-giving Sudo bug also impacts macOS
  • Email from Jeff Bezos to employees - Jeff Bezos announces he will step down as CEO and transition to executive chair, it’s quite upbeat as far as memos go, he details many of the things the company has pioneered over the years, and it’s an impressive list, it will be interesting to see how the transition goes, he’ll still be involved but focussing on other moonshot type projects, my hope for Amazon is that they help incubate and grow other internet hosting providers so that we can build out a healthy and robust ecosystem, best wishes to Jeff in his new role
  • 🚀 Description of my freelance services - If you have some projects consider hiring me