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Thursday 29th October, 2020 #

  • Wikimedia is moving to Gitlab - They are responsible for among other things developing Wikipedia, so it’s relatively big news when they make a big technology decision, they also recently decided to start using Vue as their front end framework
  • actions/cache - Cache dependencies and build outputs in GitHub Actions - Looks like this action could be very useful for optimising GitHub actions, making it possible to cache assets between workflow runs
  • If not SPAs, What? - Some general all round commentary on the current state of web development
  • I wish I had an rss reader that was scriptable, what I’d like todo is automatically subscribe to the feed of any blog that I post to my linkblog, then at a later date have some way to re-evaluate whether to stay subscribed or not, maybe there could be some stats that would make that decision easier, just thinking out loud
  • Comparing Static Site Generator Build Times - Really interesting article especially if you are at all into websites that are built using jamstack architectures and techniques, would be great if they also published the actual build times as well as the relative results
  • From the that looks interesting department, the LG Wing is a dual screen smart phone where one screen swivels / rotates into position, looks like it could be quite nifty for gaming, and the example of playing a game while watching a YouTube video has me wondering if some online code editors could make good use of this configuration
  • Surprise! The Section 230 Hearing Wasn’t About Section 230 - By the sounds of it Twitter’s Jack Dorsey got an earful from some of the senators
  • The latest in my experimental podcast is a collection of recordings of a man playing his trumpet in the park