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Saturday 17th October, 2020 #

  • Ever wondered why the TC39 is called that? It stands for technical committee of ECMA, here is a list of all the other technical committees and steering groups
  • tc39/ecma262 - Repo that hosts the Javascript specification, this where proposals for new language features are discussed
  • whatwg//html HTML Standard - The repo where the html standard is managed
  • Why Get Involved in Web Standards?
  • Google’s new ‘hum to search’ feature can figure out the song that’s stuck in your head
  • Workflow visualization - Another interesting looking Actions feature in development
  • Organization and enterprise workflows -One of the items on the GitHub roadmap that looks interesting, the ability to run an Actions workflow against any repo in an organisation
  • GitHub public roadmap - Worth keeping an eye on this as they are developing interesting new features - I am particularly interested in Actions features
  • The Node.js web server frameworks team are putting together some examples that show how the next generation http libraries could work