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Wednesday 14th October, 2020 #

  • Run an action from another action? - Being able to create your own actions is great but based on this post, it’s not currently possible to use already created actions from within your own actions, so for now at least, actions you create can only contain your own code, which is actually quite a big limitation
  • Creating GitHub actions - After creating several GitHub workflows composed of community actions, eventually you will want to reuse those workflows, and the way to do that is to turn the workflows you created into your own actions, which you can then use as the building blocks of subsequent workflows you build
  • What do you use shell scripts for?
  • Netflix discontinues free trials across all territories
  • Contract to run .eu domain-name registry is up for grabs - Rumours of corruption, and do people really want .eu domains anyway? Brussels wants the domain to represent multi-lingualism