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Thursday 17th September, 2020 #

  • I just created a Patreon page, not quite sure if I did it right, an experiment that probably won’t go anywhere, but if you like the links I post, it would be nice to have some patreons! :)
  • material-shell - A modern desktop interface for Linux - It’s a Gnome extension that implements a tiling UI that sort of resembles tmux but it’s more modern, the official website is quite cool looking, there is also a floating mode if the tiling is getting annoying
  • Interview with Andrew Bosworth (VP of AR and VR) about Facebook's Project Aria, they are test-driving tech for AR glasses - I’m wondering what cool developer tools you could create in an AR world
  • Writing even more CSS with Accessibility in Mind, Part 1 - Progressive Enhancement - This article does a great job of explaining progressive enhancement with neat examples, I wish there were more articles like this because progressive enhancement is brilliant but it’s difficult to imagine how to actually implement features
  • Amazon Music Joins Podcasting Fray