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Friday 18th September, 2020 #

  • To All The Jobs I Had Before - the author summarises the things she learnt in the jobs she had before becoming a developer, well thought out and nicely written
  • undici - An HTTP/1.1 client, written from scratch for Node.js
  • Apple is making Shazam a bigger part of your iPhone - I had missed the news that Apple had bought Shazam last year, so this is a nice surprise, in upcoming iOS you’ll be able to identify a song you’re currently listening to, even when you are using headphones, so it theoretically should work while you’re listening to podcasts, IMO probably the best feature to be added to the phone in the past 5 years

Thursday 17th September, 2020 #

  • I just created a Patreon page, not quite sure if I did it right, an experiment that probably won’t go anywhere, but if you like the links I post, it would be nice to have some patreons! :)
  • material-shell - A modern desktop interface for Linux - It’s a Gnome extension that implements a tiling UI that sort of resembles tmux but it’s more modern, the official website is quite cool looking, there is also a floating mode if the tiling is getting annoying
  • Interview with Andrew Bosworth (VP of AR and VR) about Facebook's Project Aria, they are test-driving tech for AR glasses - I’m wondering what cool developer tools you could create in an AR world
  • Writing even more CSS with Accessibility in Mind, Part 1 - Progressive Enhancement - This article does a great job of explaining progressive enhancement with neat examples, I wish there were more articles like this because progressive enhancement is brilliant but it’s difficult to imagine how to actually implement features
  • Amazon Music Joins Podcasting Fray

Wednesday 16th September, 2020 #

  • Apple accuses Epic of ‘starting a fire and pouring gasoline on it’ in new Fortnite filing - I can say from personal experience that it’s definitely the gasoline pouring that’s the problem not the fire starting, it’s really something to experience, the fire doesn’t give a shit about gravity and will ignite the gasoline all the way right back up into whatever pouring device you are using, and now you have to dispose of pouring device full of gasoline which is on fire, not very easy to do safely (makes me wonder a bit about the quality of this analogy) - Anyway, very fucking scary, very fucking dangerous, if you’re thinking “yeah but it’s just a small bit of gasoline”, nope doesn’t matter, and it happens lightning fast
  • Would you use a mobile device with no App Store, where you could only use apps you wrote yourself?
  • What is the Value of Browser Diversity? - Well written and thought out piece about the danger to the web of loosing Firefox, with only one rendering engine the web sort of becomes another App Store, I hope they keep the URLs
  • Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons - I wonder how they expect the western countries to react, seems like they are betting either the west already has a similar database, or it will build one, or do they expect them to just do nothing, it’s the worst kind of race to the bottom, where we all end up imprisoned by the technology we are building

Tuesday 15th September, 2020 #

  • Raspberry Pi as a local server for self hosting applications
  • How I became a certified Scrum Master in 3 days - A lot of companies I speak with these days are doing some form of SCRUM, this article has lots of relevant links to learn the methodology and get a certification
  • Building YouTube Shorts, a new way to watch & create on YouTube - This looks interesting

Sunday 13th September, 2020 #

  • Why Apple’s anti-tracking move hurts everyone … but Apple - There are some compelling arguments in this article, but as a user I feel like there should be an option to just turn off tracking all together in case the tracking gets too oppressive, and as a developer I would argue the same thing because if it’s always on you might not be able to debug issues completely
  • How TechCrunch took Disrupt virtual - and grew for its tenth anniversary
  • Deep Dive - Next Gen low level Node HTTP APIs - A look at the low level QUIC protocol implementation, mention of possible web-sockets replacement, and also a discussion around a unified http library and how the higher level frameworks could use this next gen API

Friday 11th September, 2020 #

  • Minitel - The Online World France Built Before the Web - I remember the Minitel numbers on TV and Radio, they were everywhere, very much like how Twitter hash tags are today, interesting comparison to the Apple app store ecosystem - Nice bit of computing history, well written article
  • I'm writing this on my phone - Dave Rupert experiments with writing blog posts on a mobile device and writes about his perceptions as he writes
  • React 17 - Why it's so important ? - Quite a good summary of the changes arriving in the latest version of the framework
  • Blue/Green Node.js Deploys with NGINX - Great write up, I have built very similar setups myself - It does get quite complicated, but you get the ability to deploy anywhere - Maybe some better open source tools will be developed to make the process easier

Wednesday 9th September, 2020 #

  • Working with JavaScript Media Queries - I’ve used media queries in CSS a lot but I didn’t know you could use media queries from javascript - Cool!
  • Apple counter-sues Epic - The high profile case continues, I hope all the users are ok, I guess mostly it’s probably fine because it’s just games, but these days some people rely on these platforms to make a living
  • Chris Coyier does a roundup of recent progress in web components, disappointing to hear that with the way people seem to be using them, we are just as locked as using a framework

Saturday 5th September, 2020 #

  • Designing a JavaScript Plugin System - I really liked this article because though we use libraries every day that have plugin systems, there isn’t that much material on how to go about actually building a plugin system for your app - the tutorial builds the “world’s smallest plugin system”, it’s a calculator where you can register new functionality by writing a plugin, by the end of it you have a good idea of how to structure plugin systems and the trade-offs inherent in designing such functionality
  • Mastering Hard Parts of JavaScript - A participant in the frontend masters course is writing up notes on GitHub as he completes the course - Worth a read because imo this course looks like best in class

Thursday 3rd September, 2020 #

  • React is becoming a black box - The discussion around this article is quite informative, it’s mostly about React classes vs hooks, but also more generally about the React community dealing with changing mental models as the framework evolves
  • JavaScript Runtime and Its Components For Web Developers - ECMAScript, DOM, and the BOM
  • What podcasts do you listen to?

Wednesday 2nd September, 2020 #

  • The problem with C - Interesting article that covers the relationship between C and C++ and the two developer communities - I think there could be a similar dynamic developing between Javascript and Typescript, that’s why I previously asked what the TC39 committee thought of Typescript, well the point to note is that as far as C++ developers are concerned they want C to not evolve as a language, they want to keep it simple, they don’t want C to have new features, and then they also blame C for all the problems in C++, “many C++ developers wait for the day when C finally burns in the hot flames of hell”, that’s not a good dynamic
  • GitHub introduces the GitHub Container Registry

Tuesday 1st September, 2020 #

  • Facebook - “we are left with a choice of either removing news entirely or accepting a system that lets publishers charge us for as much content as they want at a price with no clear limits”
  • Twitter releases feature to create Tweets about a Tweet and calls them “Quote Tweets“ - Cool feature name
  • Facebook Threatens to Cut Off Australians From Sharing News - The australian government is trying to pass legislation forcing Google and Facebook to pay media companies
  • The Architecture of Open Source Applications -Interesting sounding book, but also some interesting ideas for developer podcasts in this HN thread