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Tuesday 25th August, 2020 #

  • New Repo: mjgs/eleventy-agile-blog - A minimal blog template using Eleventy, this one implements a simple agile development workflow so you can get stuff done
  • React's default way of appending itself to a DOM tree considered harmful - Makes a case for why separation of concerns is still a best practice worth remembering in front end development
  • More from unreal zoom court - the judge is muting participants in order to force them to answer yes/no questions [for some reason Twitter is currently displaying this link differently based on referer, so copy and paste it to see the tweet what I am actually trying to link to]
  • More tweets from zoom court - “The judge is expressing deep doubts about Apple’s walled garden ecosystem - If you have an iphone you can't buy [apps] from anyone else“
  • The Apple vs Epic case is in session and I guess it’s on zoom and people are live tweeting it, anyway one of the attorneys was the judge for the Silk Road case, also they are not allowed to screenshot the zoom call so people are posting sketches of the zoom call - is this the real world?
  • Web workers vs Service workers vs Worklets
  • HTML Web Workers in Depth