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Wednesday 19th August, 2020 #

  • An example of code that imo makes good use of javascript classes is the eleventy code base, the cli script imports one class that builds the rest of the app structure by importing a bunch of other classes, good for readability and testing
  • Decorators for ES6 classes - The description from the proposal “Decorators make class declarations programmable” does sound interesting, however reading the description and examples I am not convinced that the added language complexity is worth it, classes are already decorators and these new decorators are meant to be applied to classes, feels a bit like an “implement everything” feature - How many of the examples could be implemented using existing language features?
  • Shortish video presentation covering the NodeJS internals (V8, Heap/Stack, Libuv) - I watched this on a mobile device so it was a bit difficult to read all the details in the slides, however it goes into quite a lot of depth from the NodeJS code right down to the C++ while loop code that implements the event loop
  • The Market For Discontinued Photographic Film
  • SkyCircles Twitter bot for NYC @SkyCirclesNYC, each post has a detailed description of the plane, map screenshot and any available photography of the vehicle
  • What’s Flying Above Us? - Interesting project that tracks planes overhead that are not going places, but instead are being used in a variety of data gathering operations, code is open source, there is even a Siri shortcut