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Saturday 16th May, 2020 #

  • How Facebook Could Use Giphy to Collect Your Data - This article takes the privacy angle, which is a totally valid concern, but honestly I kind of glazed over this piece because I'm more interested in wondering how the deal could lead to some cool products
  • Facebook to buy Giphy for $400 million - I’ve loaded this page about 20 times today while doing some testing but my eyes stopped scanning after the first word (I think I’m completely mentally checked out of Facebook), but now I’ve finally a bit of time for a cup of tea and actually read the whole headline, and I’m like wow that’s a phenomenal acquisition, Giphy is such a cool website and the synergy with Instagram feels like it could go in a lot of interesting directions
  • In defense of the modern web - A response to the article from Tuesday, I like when there is a worthwhile public discussion about javascript and the web like this, I’m not exactly sure where to find these lately, I feel like it was more commonplace in the early days of blogging, I’m wondering whether a webdev Techmeme would be a good idea (webdevmeme?)