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Thursday 7th May, 2020 #

  • Production ready Node.js REST API Setup using TypeScript - I like the app structure used in this tutorial, feels like a domain driven architecture, using layers to separate concerns
  • Tackling Webdev as a Bioinformatician: why is it so hard? - This is such a wonderfully level headed post, full of situations that have happened to me many times too - webdev really is difficult, an endless list of things that don’t work, progress is really slow at times
  • I'm looking for medium sized Express apps written in Typescript - This is the typescript implementation from the Realworld demo project
  • New Repo: minimal-express-typescript - Everyone is banging on about Typescript like it's going out of fashion, but after searching for several hours for clear examples of dev environment setup, it's apparent that there aren't many that are in a real life context, so I made this repo that sets up a basic dev environment for an Express app written in Typescript that you can run in the VSCode debugger
  • Github Codespaces - "Codespaces sets up a cloud-hosted, containerized, and customizable VS Code environment" - According to the description, it will be possible to step through code in a debugger right in your browser, and you will also be able to connect your local VS Code directly to a Codespace
  • Florian Schneider, Kraftwerk co-founder, dies aged 73