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Friday 1st May, 2020 #

  • The Seafloor Is Absolutely Littered in Microplastic - 10 million tons per year get into the sea, mostly from washing clothes that contain synthetic materials
  • I was just looking at some bitcoin charts, and this one stood out to me (make sure to click the "all time" button) - Which is worse dilution or infinite difficulty? Well I guess it depends what we (humanity) are trying to achieve
  • Stocks Are Recovering While the Economy Collapses - That Makes More Sense Than You'd Think - So the Fed has added 8 trillion, other central banks are doing similar, note that the total money supply worldwide is in the region of 50 trillion, I don’t know what it means but these are big numbers - It’s likely I have this wrong but it seems to me that unless you increase your personal stash of money by the same percentage that got added to the total supply then you get poorer
  • Generate Typescript types from Postgres
  • Turning Vue components into reusable npm packages
  • Exploring Node.js Internals - Interesting deep dive into the node core and how the various pieces are connected together
  • middy is a middleware framework for AWS Lambda written in Node.js - I like the syntax, looks pretty good